High Arch - Pes Cavus

Pes Cavus is a foot condition often referred to  as high arches. In Pes Cavus, the rigid arch  causes the foot to strike down on its lateral side while walking. This puts strain on the knees and on the later side of the foot and ankle while pushing the weight of the body onto a very small portion of the feet.  

Some problems may include foot, arch, knee or back pain. Functional footwear to supply fundamental support can often be hard to find since it may be difficult to slip high-rigid arches into footwear.
Shoes designed for superior cushioning is a must. Sturdy foundations with broad total-contact outsoles can help support the foot and ankle. Shoes with Rollbar technology with Medial and Lateral TPU posts offer the ultimate motion control.

Proper insoles for high arches can fortify proper foot alignment. Stability Insole can offer a stabilizing footbed for medium support to counteract high arch supination. The Supportive Cushioning insole can offer a high level of firm support.  A Lateral Wedge is an over-the-counter accessory that redistributes weight  away from the outside of the foot.

Many New Balance technologies such as N-Cap can offer cushioning and support. To learn more about New Balance Technology, click here.

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Please note that this is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a diagnosis. A qualified allied medical professional should fit all therapeutic footwear purchases. These shoes are available over-the-counter with or without a prescription. Therapeutic footwear offered through this site does not treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician for questions pertaining to your specific diagnosis and treatment protocol.  Product Specialists will be happy to speak to you about any recommendations your doctor may have provided, or information regarding recommendations based on biomechanical principles. Please call 1.800.728.6247.


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