shoes for calluses

Shoes for Calluses

Calluses are a product of high pressure or friction, often created by wearing the wrong size shoe. For some of us, however, hereditary bone structure, walking patterns, and over-use play important roles.

A callus is the hardening and thickening of skin over an area of high pressure or friction. It’s nature’s way of protecting the over-used areas of our feet. The callused layer of dead skin protects the internal tissues and bone from the abrasive external pressures. Almost everyone has callusing located somewhere on the plantar surface, or soles, of the feet. But just think about the pressure, friction, and overall abuse our feet endure every day.

Even your shoes suffer from the irregular distribution of pressure. For example, take a pair of worn out shoes and examine the surface area inside for worn spots in the fabric or deep impressions in the material. These impressions are proof of what happens during the daily grind. If you find a callused area on your foot, look for corresponding wear on the inside of shoes. The best shoes for calluses are shoes that provide a good fit.

Although some callusing on your feet is normal, continued irritation and pressure can cause calluses to grow, becoming sore and painful. A thickened area forms in the middle, indicating the greatest pressure point.

For mild cases, over-the-counter calluses treatment may be effective. However, if symptoms persist, your physician may shave away the thickened skin. In some cases, a custom orthoses may be prescribed in order to redistribute weight and relieve pressure.

  1. Callusing should be monitored with some regularity. Soak calluses and keep feet moisturized.

  2. Proper shoes for calluses, along with the proper size, offer relief. Get both feet measured. Select comfortably cushioned shoes with enough length and width to avoid cramping and pinching. At the same time, the fit should not be too roomy.  A shoe that is too big allows feet to slide around inside. This creates friction which in turn causes callusing.

  3. Shoe shape is important. Select a shoe shape that matches your foot shape. Avoid pointy shoes and high heels.

  4. Wear SmartWool or CoolMax® socks to cushion feet and control foot moisture.

Top 4 New Balance Shoes for Calluses:

New Balance 1540 Running
New Balance 990 Running
New Balance 928 Walking
New Balance 846 Walking

Men's Shoes
Women's Shoes

Our recommendations are not based on scientific evidence, but rather based on biomechanical principles relative to fit, function, and need.  This information is intended for educational purposes only and does not take the place of consulting with your health care professional.


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