shoes for weak ankles

Shoes for Weak Ankles

The ankle is a biomechanical hinge with an intricate system of muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. This complex network bears our body’s weight and keeps us steady. It can also be prone to inflammation and pain. A weak or unstable ankle can give away or roll over while we’re moving or simply standing.

what to do about weak ankles
  1. Shoes for weak ankles should provide a proper foundation. Shoe designers once believed that weak ankles could be remedied with “high top” shoes. Today, however, designers recognize that the real benefit shoes can offer actually comes from the foundation of the shoes. Just like a building, the structure itself receives better support if the foundation is solid and firm. Likewise our feet need functional footwear to supply fundamental support to ankles and the rest of our body. The New Balance 928 walking shoe, prescribed by doctors more than any other shoe in our stores, provides such a therapeutic fit with roominess in the toe area. This walking shoe is built with a broad, total-contact outsole that disperses body weight over a much larger surface area, creating fewer pounds per square inch. This, in turn, reduces strain on ankles and knees and is one of the best shoes for weak ankles. The foundation of the 928 also includes patented ROLLBAR® technology in the heel area to encourage a more neutral alignment for knees and ankles.

    Running shoes for weak ankles include the New Balance 1540, scientifically built with a broad outsole for more ground contact to disperse body weight which takes strain off ankles and knees. This sneaker’s ROLLBAR® system controls heel motion for healthy alignment and therapeutic support for knees and ankles. Known for its deeper fuller fit, the 1540's extra-firm midsole resists breakdown and is an important piece of the 1540's solid foundation.

    New Balance makes some of the best shoes for weak ankles. See why.

  2. New Balance Insole upgrades function with feet to disperse shock, support proper foot alignment, and reduce stress on ankles and knees.

  3. Weight control reduces stress and strain on ankles.

  4. Strengthening exercises can help with recovery. Our Step Stretch system helps strengthen the ankle’s intricate system of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Top 4 New Balance Shoes for Weak Ankle Complex:

New Balance 1540 Running
New Balance 1260 Running
New Balance 928 Walking
New Balance 856 Cross-Training

Women's Shoes
Men's Shoes

Our recommendations are not based on scientific evidence, but rather based on biomechanical principles relative to fit, function, and need.  This information is intended for educational purposes only and does not take the place of consulting with your health care professional.


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