New Balance Athletic Shoes Run Shorter Than Other Athletic Shoes!

First Time Customers:

We recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than your size for other athletic or dress/casual shoes. If our fitting recommendation says order your regular New Balance size, order 1/2 size larger than the size you've worn in other shoes.

If our recommendation says the style runs short and to order 1/2 size larger than your regular New Balance size, a first time customer should order 1 full size larger than the size they have worn in other types of shoes.

If you have any questions on fit or size, please call our Fitting Consultants at 800-728-6247 or email us at to help you get the right fit the first time.

We offer fit recommendations on most of our styles to help you determine your correct size. These recommendations are based on feedback we have received from Fitting Specialists at our New Balance retail stores. The information below will provide you with additional fitting, foot conditions, etc.

Ensure Your Shoes Will Fit
Have both feet measured! A size discrepancy between both feet is common. Always fit the larger foot. For a proper fit, the shape of the shoe must conform to the shape of the foot...

Foot Type and Fitting
New Balance Shoes are engineered to fit different types, which type are you?

Foot Conditions
Common foot problems and recommended New Balance Shoes & products that will help.

Foot Width Charts
Determine the width you need.

Foot Facts
Did you know most Americans wear the wrong size and that many common foot problems such as bunions, are a result of improper fitting shoes.

Caring For Your New Shoes - Care tips to help keep your shoes clean.


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